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                  Nicholas Lan


C. Morlet and N. Lan, “Satellite communications for 4D trajectory management,” Journal of Air Traffic Control, vol. 55, pp. 14–19, 2013.

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Books and Reports

N. Lan and C. Menon, Advances in Robotics, ch. Smart bioinspired technologies for the development of a miniaturized legged robotic system, iConcept Press, 2012, ISBN: 978-14611084-4-3.
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C. Menon, M. Murphy, M. Sitti, and N. Lan, Bioinspiration and Robotics Walking and Climbing Robots, ch. Space Exploration - Towards Bio-inspired Climbing Robots, pp. 261–278. I-Tech Education and Publishing, 2007.
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K. Fletcher, M. Ayre, and N. Lan, eds., Biomimetic Engineering for Space Applications. No. SP-1297, ESA Publications Division, 2006.
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C. Menon and N. Lan, “Potential biomimetic space systems enabled by microtechnology,” in 2006 Proceedings of CANEUS: MNT for Aerospace Applications , (Toulouse, France), 27 August - 1 September 2006. Invited Paper.

Unpublished Work

SPAESS: Space Alternative Energy Storage Systems, CDF Study Report CDF-41(A), ESA: ESTEC, NL, (internal distribution)

N. Lan, “Mathematical analysis of dust devils,” Master's thesis, Cranfield University, 2003.
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N. Lan, “Yes2: The second young engineers satellite – mission analysis and trajectories,” 2003. Cranfield University, Master's Group Design Project.
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